Condo Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the start date for the new condos?
A: The first condo is slated to begin in the spring of 2009. The land has been cleared with roads and utilities ready. This start date is dependent upon pre-selling 70% of the units which is standard practice in condo development.

Q: When will I be able to move into my new condo?
A: Assuming that we meet our presale figures, then work will begin in spring 2009 and we anticipate you being able to move in around late November.

Q: Some apartments are noisy so how will the condos be made soundproof?
A: The condos will have concrete floors which are extremely soundproof. The double fire walls between units also create a very soundproof environment.

Q: Concrete floors sounds impressive, what materials go into the rest of the condo?
A: The structure will be built using steel stub and concrete with wooden roof trusses.

Q: I enjoy exercising, what considerations have been made for people like me?
A: Each condo will have an exercise room that will be located near the front entry. We’re planning on working with the condo owners to decide what specific equipment will be used to furnish the exercise area.

Q: Will there be a pool in the condo?
A: The simple answer is that there might be a pool but we’re not ready to make any promises. There is a possibility that we may change our condo plan and build three units instead of the current arrangement of four. The last unit to be built may have a pool located in a glassed-in atrium but this is just a conceptual idea at the moment. A pool is a substantial undertaking so we will need to survey our condo owners to see if a demand exists.

Q: Condo fees are an industry standard, what sort of fees will I be paying as a condo owner and what will those fees do for me?
A: The monthly fee is anticipated to be in the range of $220-$250 per month plus taxes. These fees will pay for property taxes, water, power and general maintenance of the building.

Q: How will the condos be heated? Will I have the option of having a fireplace?
A: The condos will be heated and cooled by electricity and a heat pump. A natural gas or wood burning fireplace is not an option in the condo units.

Q: When I purchase a condo, what amenities will I find within my condo?
A: Flooring, cabinets, lighting and plumbing allowances are included in the condo price. Appliances are to be acquired at the owner’s discretion. Window treatments/covering are also the responsibility of each individual owner.

Q: Where will I park my car?
A: Condo owners get to park their vehicles in underground parking. There will be a convenient car wash- down area in the underground parking area.

Q: I’ll have friends/family visiting and sometimes staying overnight, will there be guest parking available?
A: Absolutely. Each condo unit will have designated guest parking. In addition, each unit will have three handicapped parking spaces.

Q: Will the condos be wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes, they will.

Q: Is there an elevator in the condo?
A: Yes, each condo will have one elevator as well as a stairwell.

Q: I’m moving from a house to a condo and I’m concerned about storage space. What options have I got in a Rainsford Gardens condo?
A: Every condo unit comes with a storage room, the size depends upon the size of the condo itself. Other storage will be available in the basement of the condo.

Q: The condo plan includes a separate building called the lodge. What is the lodge? Who can use it? When will it be built?
A: The lodge will be built after the completion of the second 40-unit condo. The lodge has been designed to provide all residents of Rainsford Garden with a place to hold meetings, receptions or to socialize. There will be a small kitchen on the main floor and an exercise area in the lower level. There will be a yearly fee for those who wish to use the lodge. This fee will help cover the expense of maintenance, power and taxes.

Q: If I have a motorhome or a boat, is there anywhere to park it? If yes, is there an extra charge?
A: Yes, we do have an area where you can park your RV/boat/trailer. Currently there is no charge but that may change as we develop a secure area for long term parking. This secure compound will subject users to a nominal charge that will help cover the cost of security, maintenance and taxes.

Q: When do you foresee a secured area for RV/Boat/trailer parking being developed?
A: It is planned to coincide with the building of the second condo unit. By secured we mean that access will be limited to Rainsford Gardens home owners. The area will be fenced off and will be monitored by our security staff.

Q: What sort of security will be in place for the condos, lodge, parking areas, etc.?
A: There will be security provided, as needed, during the development of the first condo. After completion of the second unit, security staff will be present on a scheduled basis. The primary role of the security staff will be to patrol the area as needed.